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A summary in part of a lecture titled "Study. Less Study Smart" by Dr. Marty Lobdell, Former Psychology Professor at Pierce College in Washington State

  1. Plan time in your schedule to study. Make studying an important part of each day. It's also equally important to attend class, attend on time and be prepared for class when you arrive.

  2. Break you studying down into chucked sessions of 25-30 minutes. Your ability to study diminishes after this time period. Take 5 minute break after each 30 minute interval to do something you enjoy. After you have completed your entire study session, reward yourself with a big treat. Things that are reinfored we trend to do more of. The things that are punished or ignored, we tend to do less of.

  3. Create a dedicated study area. The context provided by your environment largely determines your behavior. Design your study area to encourage actual studying.

  4. Study actively. There is a difference between actual recollection and simple recognition. Recongnition requires a cue or trigger and you don't get that in a test. So study by quizzing yourself, instead of just looking over highlighted sections of your books or notes.

  5. Take smart notes in class. Expand on them as soon as possible(ASAP) after class to boost your initial learning.

  6. Summarize or teach what you learn. It will help you pen point gaps in your understanding because you're unable to gloss over things.

  7. Use your textbook effectively.

    1. Survey

    2. Question

    3. Read

    4. Recite

    5. Review

  8. Use mnemonics, acronyms, coined sayings, and image associations to study facts. These strategies can help you remember information easier than note taking.


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